Where Monsters Dwell – Mini-sode #2

Hello again everyone! We have overcome many difficulties and are ready to unleash a brand new era of Where Monsters Dwell onto the world.

Listen to our pre-recorded podcast to find out:

-What the hell happened to WMD?!

-What did the WMD crew think of Star Trek?

-…Angels & Demons?

-…Terminator Salvation?

-Where can I listen to Where Monsters Dwell from now on?

-What comics did I miss over the last 3 weeks?

All this and more on the second ever Where Monsters Dwell Mini-sode! Available for download at http://wheremonstersdwell.ca.

Mike, Erin, Ryan and Remy

From Where Monsters Dwell

1 thought on “Where Monsters Dwell – Mini-sode #2

  1. I don’t know what kind of beer you think we drink down here, but ours is 5.9 baby. This is Minnesota, it might as well be Canada. We have Hockey, Fishing and Hunting, so it’s Canada Lite then. Our beer is powerful and our women are warm. It’s all good in the neighborhood.

    Love the Show! Keep it up.


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