Robot Sweatshop – Episode 24a: Stars & Skype


Another episode from those lovable scamps who are too lazy to travel out to Kensington, Brooklyn. Or as Frank thought it was called, “Netherlands, Brooklyn.” Please note: We tried doing this one over Skype and rather than edit it all, we purposely went for a Waholian approach and left it all in for all those flies on the wall. Download it now because it will probably end up on the Robot Sweatshop chopping block/atom smasher in a week or so when we realize how jury-rigged it all is. Special appearance by Road Rally Ali.

Discussed: Mike’s lack of age, Dan’s wedding, Frank’s weekend – excited yet? Then some small pondering on Terminator:Salvation, Let The Right One In, Great Adventure, Indian caste system, Wolverine, Star Trek, and plenty of false endings. But mostly, it’s a fun mess of a show.

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