CNI 200 – The Live Recording!

It’s our big Bicentennial and we’re doing it all up! Recorded live in front of an audience at Latitude Bar & Grill here in NYC. Special guests galore including Michael Emerson (“Ben Linus” from Lost), John Cassaday, Vito Del Sante, Kevin Colden, Miss Lasko-Gross and more! We do the news and reviews and some hilarious sketches to boot. There’s a musical bit, some radio theater and you have to hear Michael Emerson read movie quotes! Cassaday also gives an exclusive announcement about the final issue of Planetary! Special thanks to Heidi MacDonald from The Beat and Mike from Astro-Zombies comic shop for their kind donations of door prizes. And hey…we also did a video (probably the first and last time) of this so you can finally see our antics for yourselves!

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