Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 94 The Man Butter Show

CHRONIC INSOMNIA – The Comic Book Podcast Your Momma Warned You About!

If you missed last weeks show please head on over to our new podcast site on  We have lost complete faith in anything that does and we have abandoned them after a nice run of nearly two whole years.  Please click on the picture below to go to our new podcast hosting site and view the last three episodes that didn’t let you download because they are douche bags.  Thank you and enjoy the show.


It’s the Comic Book Podcast your momma warned you about.  We’re back on the prowl and back with a new podcast home.  We just haven’t had enough of that most famous of nectars, so we had to record another show on the DNA you clean up with a T-Shirt.  So grab your black light and check for stains on your roommates sheets, it’s time for another sophisticated and vulgar episode of Chronic Insomnia.

Check out our new sponsor, Jizaflow.  It’s a miracle they came on board at the right moment, especially since we had our mouths open at that very moment.  So we took the shot right in the eye and welcomed them to our show.

Also check out Ryan’s new song called, “Never gonna spit you out”.  It’s the perfect song to play to your shy and humble lover.  Let’s spread the man butter around and get down to the salty brine and talk about comic books.


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Please check out our new site and podcast location at :  Chronic Insomnia Show If you want you can click on the above picture to bring you to our new podcast location, thank you and we love the all of you.

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