The Batman Obviously… Podcast, Episode #11

In this episode, the guys share a very long, very strange comment from their blog. The Radical Comics “Rename Batman Obviously” Contest is announced. A few comics are reviewed, including Nick’s timely review of Alias #15. Star Trek and X-men Origins: Wolverine are discussed. Also, Jason tries to get Mark and Nick to read War of Kings, but they belittle him.

Show Notes: 0:00 The worst introduction ever… 2:31 The Radical Comics “Rename Batman Obviously” Contest… 5:23 Huge, insane comment from the blog regarding Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool… 10:50 Destroyer #2… 12:32 Hack/Slash – Entry Wound… 13:52 The Boys #30… 15:00 Plan 9 From Outer Space Returns… 16:57 Alias #15… 19:35 Jason tells Nick and Mark to read War of Kings, then they ask stupid questions about it… 27:32 Star Trek & X-Men Origins: Wolverine…

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