Issue # 91 Is Wolverine A Douche Bag?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine gets the Chronic treatment.  Details on a midnight movie premiere that just barely happened!  Details on what should happen to comic “fans” who can’t tell the difference between Spider-Man and Deadpool!

The Chronic Crew gives a brief rundown of Free Comic Book Day (at least the half that wasn’t golfing) and Ryan bores everyone to salty tears with an analysis of the latest Diamond sales data.

Also: Superman co-creator Joe Shuster publishes fetish art of Lois Lane taking a bullwhip to Clark Kent – and then the story gets WEIRD.  You can’t make this stuff up, folks, and it’s all in Craig Yoe’s new book “Secret Identity”!

There is more elegeance and sophistication in this episode than we’re used to, so we decided to tack on an appropriately juvenile Chronic Classic to the end: “Harry Goes to the Doctor”.


We love you all!

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