Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 90 The Gunt Chronicles

Does Ryan find 80 year old women attractive?  Is he still fascinated with Magenta hair?  Why has he decided the treadmill is a good idea?  Does Ryan have a Gunt?  Check out this weeks show when we talk frankly about Ryan’s hidden Wang and who wants to find it more than he does.


We also talk about comic books a lot on this show (at least this week we do).  In this weeks show we focus on Viking #1 and the latest Spiderman book written by Mark Waid.  Do we like them?  Well tune in and drop out to find out.

After last weeks explosive expose on 420, we dial it back and purge our systems of THC; bringing you a frank discussion of Ryan’s Wang and how he’s lost it.  Is he going to find it while getting his hair cut by a beauty with Magenta hair, or will it  take a near fatal run on a treadmill to teach him the Gunt’s gotta go?  Tune in to find out.

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The Chronic Crew (Quincy)

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