Issue # 89 The 420 Special!

DUDE!  Break out the Doritos and grab El KaBong, Chronic is back and we’ve sparked up another wonderful episode.  If you listen to this weeks show, you’ll get a contact buzz for sure.  We all remember the days of hitting the bong or packing the one-hitter; well in this weeks episode we explore the relationship with sparking up a huge doobie and comic books.  Hell there ain’t no connection, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Enjoy our THC filled reviews of “X-Factor #42” and “Secret Six #8”.  We love them both and would never dream of rolling a huge doobie with either of the covers.  Mike gets deep into his love of the ABC Family Network as he discusses “My Fake Fiance”.  How that relates to comic books is anybodys guess, but the “chronic” can really warp your sense of importance.

So don’t Bogart that roach and sit back and “Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out” on this weeks glorious episode of mind altering comic book information.  Take a deep breath and blow the smoke in your friends face as you take in our 420 holiday special.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Remember kids, don’t do drugs, they really don’t help the effects of trying to hold a steady job and or reading a comic book without having to restart it at least twelve times.

We love you all and we hope to hear from all of you at:

Keep listening and we’ll keep goofing around.

Peace Out!


The Chronic Crew

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