Issue # 86 Who’s The Pimp?

The quest for a comics podcasting Eisner award continues with a hard-hitting discussion of unscheduled bathroom breaks, conjoined twins revisited, and what NOT to do with a new baby and a Wonder Bread bag.  Plus:  Ryan delivers a special Easter treat and explains why Jesus was a little more gangsta then your Sunday School teacher led you to believe.

As usual, we eventually get to comic books.  This week get quick-shot Chronic reviews of:
Thunderbolts # 130
Air Vol 1: Letters From Lost Countries
Crossed # 4
Invincible Iron Man # 11
Nova # 23

Get the straight dope on the new She-Hulk ongoing and DCs upcoming weekly series “Wednesday Comics”.  You heard it from the Chronic Insomnia first – Image Comics new series “Viking” is coming soon and looks to be the buzz book of the year!

If you’re into DC and don’t need your news PC, you owe it to yourself to check out Chronic Insomnia!
We love you all and be sure to check out our blog to see the latest news with Chronic Insomnia

Mike and Ryan

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