Issue # 85 We’re Back! Resistance is Futile!

Episode 85:  The Comeback!  Resistance is Futile!


After some technical difficulties, The Chronic Crew return to comics journalism with a full report on Russian politics, electronic cigarettes, and a discussion on conjoined twins that will tug on the heartstrings of the hardest heart.

The Listener Mailbag cracks Millars “Kick Ass” code!  Also: find out who takes over for Brubaker on Daredevil, more Watchmen movie breakdowns, and the utter dominance of Spider-Man #583.

Strangely, we then get to actual comic books.  Get the Chronic Insomnia take on:

  • Spawn # 189
  • Deapool: Games of Death
  • Lillim #1
  • X-Factor #41
  • MILF Magnet #1

It’s a lovefest this week, as Ryan expresses his affection for Oliva Newton John, Debbie Gibson, and of course his own clone.  We are proud to be back in the saddle providing you with a weekly dose of elegeance and sophistication!


Ryan reads Mikes filthy M.I.L.F. Magnet comic and realizes just how hairy things can get, it’s all good in the neighborhood.
We love the all of you and keep listening, because without you, we would still do this anyways, but it wouldn’t be nearly as gratifying. Thanks again.


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