Issue # 84 Mike’s Birthday Special!

Chronic Episode # 84:  Mike’s Birthday Episode

It seems like once a year Mike gets a year older, and this year is no exception.  Join us as we celebrate this special event in classic Chronic style!  Mike is in total control of format and content this week, so buckle up for maximum hijinx.  He does a birthday rendition of “Sweet Dreams” that will blow you away.  Plus, you won’t want to miss the vintage audio of 12 year-old Mike & Ryan and their impossibly inaccurate future predictions!


Comic book stuff:

The Chronic Crew screened a midnight showing of the Watchmen on Thursday – listen to the review and find out which crew member fell asleep during the film!  We dip into the mailbag for talking points on Umbrella Academy, and Alan Moore.  Also:  is Frank Miller overrated?

Time Machine covers Agents of Atlas, Mome Vol 5, Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk, and more.  Can anybody crack the code that Millar slapped on the covers of the new “Kick-Ass” reprints?

Things go back to normal next week.  Or at least as normal as things get around here…   – Ryan

P.S. Right now we have suffering through one of’s fits and we have lost almost all of our archived shows, including last weeks Ryan’s birthday special.  I am going to give them a couple of days to work through the problems before I upload them again, so stay patient and we will ALL get through this situation.


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