Just Another Fanboy – Episode 119

Episode 119 – Coming Out of Both Ends

At long last it’s the much anticipated Episode 119!

This week the fellas do pretty much the same thing they do every week

They review a passel of books.

They talk about some news.

They even respond to some negative feedback.

So they only question you need to ask yourself is . . . why aren’t you listening already?

Books Reviewed:

Daredevil #116 – Marvel

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1 – Marvel

Deadpool #8 – Marvel

Gotham Gazzette Batman Dead? #1 – DC

Solomon Grundy #1 – DC

Goon #32 – Dark Horse

Broken Worlds #1 – Marvel

War of Kings #1 – Marvel

Secret Six #7 – DC

Superman: New Krypton #1 – DC – Group Review






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