Chronic Insomnia: Issue # 83 Ryan’s Birthday Special!

As brand new members of the CPN, we are happy to be here and we want everyone to hear our latest episode.  We are a weekly comic book podcast, which comes out each Tuesday, a full day before each weeks comics arrive in your local LCS.

Last night was the premiere of The Watchmen and both Ryan and I enjoyed the movie a great deal.  We hope everyone is going to see it this weekend because it was worth the wait.  Possibly a little too much naked blue guy, but you can’t have everything.

Issue # 83 Ryan's Birthday Special!

This weeks episode was completely written and directed by Ryan himself.  Check out our exclusive interview with Dan Didio, well our chopped up comedic version of that interview, along with a 40’s radio serial parody of Ryan’s creation, “The Growler”.

Click on the picture above to go to our Podcast website and download the show, or just listen/download it below.  Parental advisory is required!

The Chronic Crew loves you all!

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