Comic Tube Episode 27 Fan Trailers

Leroy and Brad are joined by Robert to discuss Fan Trailers and how much hard work goes into editing film/video.

0:00 Show Opening/ News : Superman Unleashed?, Supernatural and Smallville renewed for the 2009/2010 season, Ghostbusters 3, Jonah Hex and Green Lantern Live Action release dates, Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury for 9 Movies, Green Lantern Animated Movie, Thor Live Action.

33:55 Fan Trailer Discussions; Grayson, World’s Finest, Legend of Zelda, Thundercats CGI, Superman Reborn, Batman Legends.

1:42:49 Interview with Robert and his work/General Editing discussion.

2:15:35 Show Closing


Robert’s Youtube –

Grayson –

Worlds Finest –

Legend of Zelda –

Thundercats CGI and Superman Reborn –

Batman Legends –

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Right Click To Download Robert’s Worlds Finest Fan Trailer

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