Just Another Fanboy Episode 116

Episode 116 – Jump Around

The Mighty Men from the Midwest are back with another action packed episode which takes them back into the “One Episode a Week” schedule that Steeven’s natural laziness appreciates more that pre-shrunk cotton.

This week, Steeven tries to hold his own as he poorly defends the right of George Lucas to make whatever kind of movie he wants as Craig and Michael band together to make Steeven cry like the little girl he is.

Michael talks about Secret Warriors #1 from Marvel and doesn’t sing.

Craig talks about Batman and the Outsiders Special #1 from DC and delivers the news in his own special way that most listeners love but generally makes Steeven fall asleep.

All the fellas talk about Thor #600 from Marvel and listen to three voicemails from a listener that point out all of their faults.

They came to get down, they came to get down, so get off your feet and jump around.

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