Previews Spotlight #015: 2009-01

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the January 2008 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 6 other podcasts represented this month!

11 O’Clock Comics

Comic Timing

DC Noise

Geek Brunch


Welcome to Heavenside

We also had submissions from 3 fans of the show:


Ian Gowan

Lenny Cooper

(The interviews will be in the Previews Spotlight Interviews 2009-01 episode which will be released this Friday.)

Items mentioned:

p 45 (Bob Bretall) Spirit Archives: The New Adventures v1

p 75 (Ian Levenstein) Batman: Battle For The Cowl #1

p 79 (John Mayo) ORACLE #1 DCBS 50%

p 89 (Bob Bretall) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #31 DCBS 50%

p 94 (Mike Myers) STRANGE ADVENTURES #1 DCBS 50%

p 98 (HassanT) Green Lantern Chronicles v1

p 110 (John Mayo) EX MACHINA SPECIAL #4 DCBS 50%

p 115 (Jason Wood) Top Ten Special #1

p 123 (HassanT) Madame Xanadu #9

p 125 (Lenny Cooper) Scalped TP v4

p 148 (Jason Wood) Killer of Demons #1

p 154 (John Mayo) INVINCIBLE #60 DCBS 50%

p 165 (Bob Bretall) PROOF #18 DCBS 50%

p 178 (Damian Smith) Witchblade #125

p 188 M-18 (John Mayo) Amazing Spider-Man #588

p 188 M-24 (Jason Wood) Secret Warriors #2

p 188 M-26 (Bob Bretall) DARK REIGN: FANTASTIC FOUR #1 DCBS 50%

p 188 M-27 (HassanT) New Avengers: Reunion #1

p 188 M-28 (Damian Smith) Deadpool #8

p 188 M-29 (Damian Smith) Thunderbolts #130

p 188 M-46 (Mike Myers) Spider-Man & Human Torch: Bahia de los Muertos #1

p 188 M-48 (Damian Smith) Ghost Rider #33

p 188 M-62 (Bob Bretall) NOVA #23 DCBS 50%

p 188 M-63 (HassanT) Uncanny X-Men #507

p 188 M-72 (John Mayo) X-MEN SWORD OF THE BRADDOCKS DCBS 50%

p 188 M-75 (Ian Levenstein) Incognito #3

p 206 (Lenny Cooper) Glamourpuss #6

p 230 (Damian Smith) Anna Mercury TP v1

p 240 (John Mayo) CAPED #1 DCBS 45%


p 256 (Ian Levenstein) Battlestar Galactica: Final Five #1

p 289 (John Mayo) LIFE & TIMES OF SAVIOR 28 #1 DCBS 50%

p 292 (Jason Wood) G.I. Joe #3, G.I. Joe Origins #2, G.I. Joe Cobra #1

p 293 (Bob Bretall) GROOM LAKE #1 DCBS 50% **Interview (Chris Ryall/Ben Templesmith)**

p 294 (Ian Gowan) Star Trek: The Crew #1

p 302 (Mike Myers) Airboy: 1942 Best of Enemies

p 308 (Bob Bretall) HOTWIRE #1 **Interview (Steve Pugh)**

p 326 (Damian Smith) Grail Pages: Original Comic Book Art & the Collector

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