Comic Timing – Episode 80

It’s time for another Review Corner! I know we are late on November books, but here they are anyway! Listen as Ian and Brent discuss Justice Society of America #21, Umbrella Academy: Dallas #1, and the Daredevil and Captain America one-shot! Catch us next time as we do our Year End Wrap Up for Marvel, followed by one from DC, and another review corner~! Double-sized maybe?

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AZRAEL: DEATH’S DARK KNIGHT #1 – 75% off retail (HC price: $0.75 / retail: $2.99)

X-FORCE/CABLE: MESSIAH WAR PROLOGUE – 50% off retail (HC price: $2.00 / retail: $3.99)

CAPED #1 – 50% off retail (HC price: $2.00 / retail: $3.99)

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