Just Another Fanboy – Episode 105

Look out! It’s Episode 105!

Topics of Discussion:

– What Michael, Craig, and Steeven got for Christmas
– A judge makes a decision regarding the Watchman movie
– China doesn’t like the Dark Knight and Ghost Rider
– Walt Disney hates Narnia
– Steeven reminisces about his youth and Escape From Witch Mountain
– Sony PS3 has a bad holiday season
– Dog powered vehicles
– Who is writing JSA after Geoff Johns leaves
– Steeven stops a cat fight
– Craig loves Peter Tomasi
– Steeven doesn’t read Nightwing
– Michael dreams of Lou Grant as Batman
– Steeven has another cigarette

Comics Reviewed:

-Vigilante #1
-Flash #247
-Army of Darkness: Ash’s Christmas Horror
-Captain America Theater of War: America First
-Atomic Robo: Dogs of War #5

Plus . . . Listener Feedback!

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