CNI 171 – Holiday Show (& Jamie Smart Pt2)

Reviews: Beanworld Holiday Special One-Shot, Impaler #1, What If? Newer Fantastic Four

It’s our Christmas special full of holiday joy! Cookies baked by Joe, eggnog, Santa, and carols! Part 2 of our Jamie Smart interview from last week. More funny stuff about Bear, Ubu Bubu, Whubble, and all of the other madness that goes on in his brain. Jimmy announces the demise of Random Souffle and they both lament the passing of Majel Barret Roddenberry. Jimmy performs the new Christmas classic rap, Christmas in Harlem, as a gift to you. News includes Pushing Daisies gets closure, K. Cho’s new series, Chow off Green Hornet, Frank Miller on Buck Rogers, and a Star Wars musical. We also share a Christmas tune by Straight No Chaser that we think you all will enjoy.

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