Comic Book Outsiders Episode 30

Bringing you some of the very best hidden gems from the world of independent comics, movies and TV.

For our 30th episode Steve goes old school and communicates with us via the telephone – thanks to his computer going into meltdown two days earlier.  However, that doesn’t stop him from from making a heroic effort and dropping some serious facts throughout the show, despite not having internet access.

On the show…

News: We mostly talk about the Leeds comic convention and some fantasy shows and movies in the pipeline

Main Feature:  We discuss H. P. Lovecraft, creator of the Cthulhu mythos and an author whose impact is felt even today

Challenge Scott:  Here Steve pitches 3 comics to me to see what I think.  Will I end up getting any of them?  The comics mentioned are ‘The Roberts’, the ‘Northlanders’ trade and ‘Rex Mundi’

Apologies for some of the audio not being too clear.  Hopefully back to normal for next episode.

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