Comic Book Outsiders Episode 29

Bringing you some of the very best hidden gems from the world of independent comics, movies and TV.

In this episode after a some news we press on with out new ‘What if….?’ segment.  This week we’ll be attempting to answer the question ‘What if Kevin Smith’s Superman Lives script got made’.  We’ll talk about what’s in the script, and what we think the state of the franchise would have been now if it had made it to the silver screen.

Next we discuss our hidden gem which for this week is ‘Miller’s Crossing’.  Rated by Time magazine as one of the 100 best films of all time.  Steve is a recent convert to it’s greatness and Scott only saw it for the first time the night before recording – so what will the make of it?

Listen in at the end to hear Kevin Smith talk about some of the history behind his Superman script.

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