Raging Bullets Episode 143 : A DC Comics Fan Podcast

Episode 143: Instock Trades Rage of the Month: Doom Patrol The Painting That Ate Paris Part 1 of 2 with David Faust, Simulated Stereo from the forums. We also have some listener voicemails.

Show Notes:

0:00 Show opening, heroinitiative.org, DCBService.com, Instocktrades.com, our ongoing contest (Ragingcontest@gmail.com), New York Comic Con, show voicemail line 1-440-388-4434, Geoff Johns leaving JSA and more.

11:40 Doom Patrol issues 26-29

2:42:25 Listener voicemails

3:32:15 Show closing

No Blooper Reel

We’ll be back next week with episode 144. Check Ragingbullets.com and the forum for regular updates.
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