Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 58 (12/5/08)

Brilliant week for comics! Maybe it’s just because I’m in the holiday spirit, but the pick this week goes to Jason Aaron & Roland Boschi’s The Punisher X-Mas Special (Marvel MAX). Fast Five picks include The Immortal Iron Fist #20 (Marvel), Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #1 (Dark Horse), Criminal Vol. 2 #7 (Icon), Justice Society of America #21 (DC), and Amazing Spider-Man #579 (Marvel).

Frank Castle, hunting giants, and web-heads make this week pretty bitchin’!

1 thought on “Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 58 (12/5/08)

  1. fyi, Criminal isn’t cancelled, it’s just going on hiatus so Ed & Sean can do Incognito. Criminal #8 will probably be out sometime next summer.

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