Just Another Fanboy – Episode 91

Let us all go back in time again to hear the songs from a young man who just wanted folks to love him.

Hear Steeven when he was just a mere lad of 20, play the drums in a rock band, way back in 1993.

Songs featured in this episode:

Take a Look Around

Come hear the story of love, deception, intrigue, and greed.

Listen to the songs that inspired a generation.

It’s time to hear Steeven rock!

WARNING!!! The F-Word is sung twice in the song Expendable!!!

Remember the Voiceline:

Dial 1-888-65G-CAST (1-888-654-2278)
Enter the 10-digit number: JSTAFANBOY (5782326269)
Enter the PIN: 4242
Select “2” to save your message

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