CCL #191 – Trading The Defenders

Collected Comics Library Podcast #191

29,254Kb; 30m 56s

In preparing for the show this week, I decided that I would cover the 100th Marvel Masterworks The Defenders Volume 1. Little did I realize that it was actually missing the first three try-out pseudo teams-ups from Doctor Strange #183, Sub-Mariner #22 and Hulk #126, all of which was included in the Essential Defenders Volume 1. It then seemed wise to compare the books as part of my When Trade Collide series that I do from time to time. After writing up my notes for that, I began to speculate on what a MMW Volume 2 might look like and that’s when the Marvel Premiere Classic edition of The Avengers/Defenders War came into play. It got to be too much and my initial review of one single book leads me to a whole gambit that is today’s feature presentation. I look at all the collected editions of Marvels first anti-team and a few runs that have yet to be collected and yes, I do dive head first into the chicken soup that would be a Volume 2 of The Defenders Masterworks series.

I also cover a bit on the upcoming Trinity Volume 1 trade paperback (DC Comics), the 2008 Ignatz Awards, the Product and Shipping Changes and the New Releases of the Week.

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Chris Marshall

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