Comic Timing – Episode 73

Episode 73 lives! It has been a very busy couple of weeks for me, as work combined with looking for apartments, laptop failures and other life stuff slowed me down. Well here, have an episode to make you feel a bit better, k? This time, Umar from Dafixer’s Hideout returns along with Sean Cummings of codename: POWER join Brent and I to chat about the year up until now. Like last year, we return with our end of the summer awards! Plus, we delve into Sean’s San Diego Comic-Con experience. Three hours of comic goodness, all for you! I will try to put out as much content as I can over the next few weeks, as there might be another break coming because (cross your fingers) I’m moving in November!

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We shall see you next week for our second Review Corner Episode, where Brent and I take on Back To Brooklyn #1, Avengers: The Initiative #17 and Blue Beetle #31. Until then, thanks for listening and thanks for downloading!

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