CCL #189 – 2008 Harvey Award Collected Edition Winners

Collected Comics Library Podcast #189

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Last minute change for me this week but you won’t even notice the difference. I was going to review Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom: Doomquest, in honor of the Iron Man DVD release this week (and the Premiere Hardcover of Part Three from last week), but instead I opted for the more important feature of The 2008 Harvey Awards (Collected Edition) Winners. Keep in mind, that I only go over a few select winners so as not to drag on too long nor do I want to come across as ignorant. Seriously, I don’t know that much about Lettering. I’ll cover all three parts of Shellhead and Doom in another podcast, perhaps even Show #200.

Some other things that I go over include the two upcoming Omnibuses from Marvel: Inferno and Captain Britain and what they may contain; Dark Tower Premiere Hardcover slip-ups from Marvel and the Shipping and Product Changes. Lastly I go over the New Releases of the Week.

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