Previews Spotlight #011: 2008-09

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the September 2008 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

Lots of participation from fellow comics podcasters this month, 8 other podcasts were represented!

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(The interview with Mark Oakley was in the Previews Spotlight Interviews 2008-09 Mark Oakley episode that was released last Friday. The other interviews will be in the Previews Spotlight Interviews 2008-09 episode which will be released this Friday.)

Items mentioned:

p. 26 (Ian Levenstein) Umbrella Academy: Dallas #1

p. 34 (Bob Bretall) GIGANTIC #1 DCBS 50% **Interview (Rick Remender)**

p. 62 (Mike Myers) Sgt Rock The Lost Batallion #1

p. 69 (Mike Myers) Rann/Thanagar Holy War #7

p. 70 (Mike Myers) Batman Cacophony #1

p. 71 (Ian Levenstein) Detective Comics #850

p. 79 (John Mayo) BIRDS OF PREY #124 DCBS 50%

p. 80 (Bob Bretall) GREEN LANTERN #36 DCBS 50%

p. 82 (Bill Hughes) Justice League of America #27

p. 84 (Ian Levenstein) JSA Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom

p. 85 (Raph Soohoo) JSA Kingdom Come Special: Superman

p. 86 (Raph Soohoo) Wonder Woman #26 DCBS 50%

p. 87 (Sean Whelan) Superman – Kryptonite Nevermore! HC

p. 99 (Ian Levenstein) Ex Machina #39

p. 108 (Damian Smith) Sandman: Dream Hunters #1

p. 113 (Bob Bretall) JACK OF FABLES #28 DCBS 50%

p. 145 (Damian Smith) Fantastic Worlds of Frank Frazetta v1 HC

p. 161 (John Mayo) I Hate Galaxy Girl DCBS 50%

p. 168 (Bob Bretall) JINGLE BELLE SANTA CLAUS VS FRANKENSTEIN DCBS 50% **Interview (Stephanie Gladden)**

p. 172 (Damian Smith) Darkness: Accursed v1 TP

p. 176 M-4 (Sean Whelan) Dark Tower: Treachery #3

p. 176 M-20 (John Mayo) Adam: Legend of Blue Marvel DCBS 50%

p. 176 M-22 (Ian Levenstein) Avengers Initiative Special

p. 176 M-34 (Bob Bretall) Guardians of the Galaxy #7

p. 176 M-35 (Bill Hughes) Hulk #8

p. 176 M-38 (Ian Levenstein) Iron Man: The End

p. 176 M-60 (Bill Hughes) She-Hulk #35

p. 192 (Sean Whelan) Terry Moore’s Echo #8


p. 201 (Mike Myers) Gauze #1

p. 209 (Damian Smith) FreakAngels v1 TP

p. 214 (Raph Soohoo) Gravel #8

p. 222 (Bob Bretall) FARSCAPE #1 DCBS 45%

p. 256 (John Mayo) ZORRO #9 DCBS 50%

p. 260 (JM Campbell) Dresden Files TP

p. 260 (JM Campbell) Wild Cards: Hard Call TP


p. 285 (John Mayo) THIEVES & KINGS APPRENTICES GN V1 DCBS 45% **Interview (Mark Oakley)**

p. 287 (Bob Bretall) SIR APROPOS OF NOTHING #1 (OF 5) DCBS 50%

p. 291 (Raph Soohoo) Star Trek TNG: The Last Generation #1

p. 293 (John Mayo) LOVE AND CAPES TP DCBS 50% **Interview (Thom Zahler)**

p. 308 (JM Campbell) Blue Monday: Thieves Like Us #1

p. 452 (Damian Smith) Revoltech Protective Gear Action Figure

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