CNI 150 – SDCC 08: Kevin Pereira, Howard Shum, Josh Friedman, Josh Schwartz

It’s our big SDCC recap in front of a live studio audience. There’s BBQ and drinking and special studio guest Julio Soto. Remember him? (Go back to episode 1). Jimmy went to San Diego Comic-Con while Joe stayed home with the kids. As you can imagine, Jimmy drank most of the time but still somehow covered a lot of the convention. Marvel at his day by day coverage that always ended (and sometimes started) with drinking. The podcast panel, the parties, the panels, the prostitutes…it’s all there! Interviews include Kevin Pereira (Attack of the Show), Howard Shum (Gun Fu), Josh Friedman (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Josh Schwartz (Chuck). More to be had in our special Pushing Daisies One-Shot this weekend! And even more next week with Tony Lee (Hope Falls, Doctor Who: The Forgotten), Kevin Conn (Unemployed Skeletor) and Jay Glatfelter (The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack).

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