CCL Podcast #176 – A Look at DC Comics 2009 Collected Editions

Collected Comics Library Podcast #176

42,690Kb; 36m 12s

This week on the show I give a full rundown of the DC Comics January/1Q 2009 Collected Editions. I blogged about this a few days ago and I have yet to come up with a source for the list so take it with a grain (or chunk) of salt.

Also on the show I do a little eBay Sold Searching and you won’t believe just what are hot commodities and the final sold prices for the books.

Have an email question regarding what to do with damaged books that are bought at conventions; news on a brand new cool Prince Valiant retrospective; and is anyone buying the Marvel Illustrated books?

All this including the New Releases of the Week, what’s coming up on the next TwoMorrows Tune-In Podcast and a Kick-Ass (#1-2) giveaway – find out how to enter on the show.

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Chris Marshall

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