Alternate Reality – Episode 155

Alternate Reality - Episode 155

Alternate Reality – Episode #155

Pick of the Week:

Final Crisis #1

Other Books We Read This Week:

All Star Superman #11
Batman: Gotham after Midnight
Action Comics #865
New Avengers #41
Batman #677

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Intro/Exit Music: Kelly Loveless

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1 thought on “Alternate Reality – Episode 155

  1. Hi guys!

    This is my first time listening and I really enjoyed the show. I am from Detroit, Michigan and love the idea of a podcast dedicated to my favorite hobby.Never having listened before tonight, the announcement that you were scaling down on the numberof shows didn’t really upset me at first,but now that I’ve finished the show, I’m kinda bummed. I understand that real life sometimes must intrude of the joys of comic collecting but I’m still bummed.
    My question for you is:
    How do you both feel about Digital Comics? Have you purchased or seen any of the Gitcorp products that collect entire runs of Marvel series on one CD Rom? What do you think of those? What are your opinions on downloading comic books online? Do you feel that downloading comic books online will help or hurt the industry? I know that Marvel recently ended their affiliation with Gitcorp and that has left a bad taste in many fans mouths. They are not happy with the online service that Marvel has started. LOL, I realize that my one question has balloned to several questions but I am interested in hearing your thoughts.
    Looking forward to hearing you guys again!!

    Take care,


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