Comic Timing – Episode 64

The Heroes Corner episode is here! Bill of Just Bills Comic Drawerbox, Brian (Lobo) of Kryptographik, Brent and I talk with Sam and Bob of Heroes Corner to discuss their business plan, what gave them the idea to start an online ordering company, how discounts work when dealing with Diamond, and plenty of other juicy topics. So give it a listen to learn more about one of the newer companies on the scene!

This episode is also part of the podcast theme week which has been underway all week long, as various comic book podcasts cover a variety of Diamond Distribution related topics. Much thanks to Check of Comic Related for compiling a list of all the participants, and make sure to listen to whatever podcast suits your fancy!

You can e-mail the show at, and please vote for us at Podcast Alley and Digg us at Digg.Com. And of course, if you can, please donate to the HERO Initiative effort if you can. Every little bit helps!

Thanks for listening, thanks for downloading, and see you folks soon!

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