Comic Book Outsiders Episode 15

Bringing you some of the hidden gems in independent comics, movies and TV.

In this episode:

Our Main Feature is an interview with Pete Rogers, co-founder of Orang Utan Comics. We talk about how he got started in comics, 11th Hour – the new comics anthology and their connection with Markosia.

For more information visit their website

In Challenge Scott we start by talking about Hellboy, a previous book from last episode’s Challenge Scott. He lets us know what he really thinks of it and we talk about some other classic comics that everyone should read at least once.

Slightly differently in this episode, we look ahead to upcoming comics, in Top Cow’s Pilot Season 2. This is where they put out first issue of six or seven new series, and readers vote on MySpace for the ones they want to see turn into an ongoing series, and the top two or three with the most votes make it.

For more information, check out Top Cow Comic website

Or read about it on CBR or Newsarama

It’s Scott turn to reveal a Guilty Pleasure, and this time he thinks it is one that shouldn’t be guilt free and it’s something we should all be watching.

We wrap up the show with a Hidden Gem and this episode its the TV series Twin Peaks by David Lynch.

There is a small prize for anyone who can identify the music used in all the intervals. Answers to If we get several entries the winner will be drawn from a hat.

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