Comic Book Outsiders Episode 14

Bringing you some of the hidden gems in independent comics, movies and TV.

In this episode:

Our Main Feature is a look at spin-off TV shows and what we like and don’t like about them, plus we explore some of the good, and some of the really awful.

In Challenge Scott we start with some previous books Scott has picked up which are Ex-Machina  from Wildstorm and 76 from Image comics.

This episode’s 3 comics are:-

– Hawaiian Dick – Byrd of Paradise 1st trade from Image comics
– The Darkness #1 from Top Cow comics
– Hellboy – Seed of Destruction from Dark Horse comics

Then it’s my turn to reveal a Guilty Pleasure that we suspect lots of other people share, but they too are puzzled as to why it was so enjoyable.

As always we wrap up the show with a Hidden Gem and this episode its the TV series American Gothic starring Gary Cole.

Music for this show was provided by the podsafe music network.

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