Previews Spotlight Interviews #007: 2008-05

John Mayo and Bob Bretall talk with various creators with items in the May 2008 Previews catalog.

Interview: Antone Wade – Writer/Artist – Jetta/Shi #1 (MAW Productions)

Available from DCBS & Haven Distributors (

Interview: Garan Maderios – Writer – Contract (A First Salvo)

p. 205 Contract #1

Interview: Ethan Nicolle – Writer/Artist – Chumble Spuzz (Amaze Ink)

p. 206 Chumble Spuzz v2: Pigeon Man & Death Sings the Blues GN

Interview: Josh Finney & Kat Rocha – Creators – Titanium Rain (Archaia Studios Press)

p. 216 Titanium Rain #1

Interview: Kevin Mellon – Artist – Thirteen Steps & Atheist v2 (Desperado)

p. 268 Antoine Sharp, The Atheist v2 #1 & Thirteen Steps v1 TP



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