CCL Podcast #171 – Whiteout 1 and 2 – Definitive Editions

Collected Comics Library Podcast #171

31,278Kb; 33m 21s

Sometimes I can get real ornery, but it takes a lot to get me that way. This week Marvel puts me in a mood. It has to do with their shipping schedule and the changes that have been made. Not only that, but as I run down the New Releases of the Week, some other questions arise from other companies, as to just what the heck is going on with content and price per page.

I calm down later on in the show with Greg Rucka’s early work Whiteout. I cover both Definitive Editions from Oni Press, which were published last summer.

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Links of Note:
Whiteout from Oni Press
Greg Rucka’s Official Website

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