Kryptographik Episode 23

Kryptographik is a trans-continental podcast featuring Brian (in the U.S.) and Damian (in Australia), providing news, reviews, and commentary regarding science-fiction, dark fantasy and horror, in and out of comics.

In our 23rd podcast, we’re joined by Bob Bob Bretall, co-host of the Comic Book Page Podcast (conveniently located at ), who joins us for the first half of our two-part episode discussing horror comics including Hellblazer: Joyride, Gravel, Spawn and Gunplay #0.

We also discus our opinions regarding the role #0 & #½ issues, marketing comics on- and offline, William Gravel’s history at Avatar Comics, the Constantine film, the history of Hellblazer, Swamp thing and various Vertigo series, and what to expect from Vertigo in the future.

Coming soon (in episode 24), we continue our conversation with Bob with an in-depth dicussion of Joe Hill’s Locke & Key from IDW, the re-relase of Johnny Dynamite by Max Allen Collins and much more.

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2 thoughts on “Kryptographik Episode 23

  1. Could someone e-mail me when #24 comes out? I am a big Joe Hill fan! Thanks!

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