Collected Comics Library Podcast #169 – Iron Man Collected Editions

Collected Comics Library Podcast #169

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It’s that wonderful time of year again – Summer Blockbusters!

The 2008 season kicks off today with Iron Man – one of my favorite characters of all time. In fact if you take a listen you’ll find out how I first got acquainted with Tony Stark. Not only do I go over the publishing history of Iron Man and all the limited amount of his collected editions, but I also tell you how he has gotten screwed by Captain America throughout Marvel history.

Also on the show today, I go over some news regarding a new Marshal Law Omnibus from Top Shelf, a rundown of upcoming Marvel Essentials and DC Showcase Presents and Archives and I answer an e-mail from Denis from California.

All this, plus a rundown of The New Releases of the Week and my plans for the upcoming Motor City Comic Con (May 16-18).

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