Comic Timing – Episode 62 Part 1: Live From NYCC 2008

We hold back Episode 61 one week to give you guys coverage live from the con floor of New York Comic Con 2008! It was a fantastic time and it is hard to believe it is over, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Part 1 will be the interviews from the floor, while Part 2 will be a wrap-up show released a day or two after this one. And you might even get Episode 61 since Brent said he would edit it! Here is a quick rundown of the interviews on this episode:

Thanks go out to everyone who participated in this episode, as it was wonderful getting to talk to you all! To all the folks who stopped by just to chat glad to see you, and for those of you who are checking out Comic Timing for the first time, welcome aboard! Enjoy your stay. Stay tuned for Part 2 for a thorough panel and final convention wrap-up of the con by Juan, Dani and possibly a few others, and for the Horror Episode, Episode 61.

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Thanks for listening, thanks for downloading, and talk to you next time.

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