Weekly Comics Spotlight #034: 2008-04-02

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss Trails of SHAZAM! #12 by DC, Young X-Men #1 by Marvel and Anna Mercury #1 by Avatar.

UPDATE (2008-04-14 12pm CT): The wrong mp3 file was originally attached. The correct mp3 file is now attached. You may need to redownload the mp3 file…

UPDATE (2008-04-14 7pm CT): Okay, looks like I goofed with the fix at noon. I got the link to the MP3 file wrong (again). I think I’ve got fixed it this time around…

Time Codes:

00:00 Intro

00:36 General discussion


12:58 Marvel: YOUNG X-MEN #1

18:50 Other: ANNA MERCURY #1 [AVATAR]

29:12 Feedback, forum and iTuens discussion

31:36 Next Week Promo

31:47 Wrap up

32:17 End of episode.


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