Comic Timing – Episode 60

Back from a week long hiatus, it is Comic Timing! This time, Brent and I are joined by Lorrie Thomas, known to the forum-goers as thomalo, and Jay Ferguson, otherwise known as Modern Lover. We discuss whether or not Superhero Comics Hate Love. Well, do they? You decide after hearing our thoughts, and the forum comments we read on the show!

You can e-mail the show at, and please vote for us at Podcast Alley and Digg us at Digg.Com. And of course, if you can, please donate to the HERO Initiative effort if you can. Every little bit helps!

Also, we are only one week away from The New York Comic Con, so I hope to see a bunch of you stopping on by Podcast Arena to say hello! Thanks for listening, thanks for downloading, and we shall see you next week for some Horror Comics conversation with Lobo and Lord Shaper of Kryptographik!

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