Previews Spotlight #006: 2008-04

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the April 2008 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.


Barry Levine – Publisher/President – Radical Publishing

p. 330 Hercules #2 & Caliber #2

Christopher Mills – Writer – Femme Noir (Ape)

p. 212 Femme Noir: Dark City Diaries #1

Items mentioned:

p 034 (Bob) – Fear Agent #22 (Dark Horse) DCBS 50%

p 042 (Damian) – Lobster Johnson v1: Iron Prometheus (Dark Horse)

p 069 (Damian) – Reign in Hell #1 (DC)

p 083 (John) – Action Comics #866 (DC) DCBS 50%

p 089 (Bob) – GL Corps #25 (DC) DCBS 50%

p 090 (John) – Manhunter #31 (DC) DCBS 75%

p 115 (Damian) – Madame Xanadu #1 (Vertigo)

p 142 (Bob) – War Heroes #1 (Image)

p 158 (John) – America Jr. v2 TP (Image) DCBS 50%

p 171 (Bob) – Proof #9 (Image) DCBS 50%

p M12 (John) – Ultimate Spider-Man #123 (Marvel) DCBS 50%

p M20 (Bob) – Ghost Rider #24

p M45 (Bob) – Avengers: Initiative #14 (Marvel) DCBS 50%

p M65 (John) – Wolverine #66 (Marvel) DCBS 50%

p 203 (Bob) – Contract #0 (A First Salvo)

p 239 (Damian) – Fall of Cthulhu v2: The Gathering (Boom!)

p 248 (John/Bob) – Justice For Hire #4 (Creative Impulse) – Pull Quote on Ad p. 246

p 285 (John) – Sentinels Anthology TPB (Drumfish Productions)

p 295 (Justin Karguth) – Knights of the Lunch Table v1: Dodgeball Chronicles GN (Graphix)

p 298 (Bob) – What If? FF Tribute to Mike Weiringo (Hero Initiative)

p 301 (John) – Star Trek: Mirror Images #1 (IDW) DCBS 50%

p 326 (Raph) – Hero By Night #4 (Platinum)

p 331 (Justin Karguth) – Atomic Robo v1 TP (Red 5)

p 331 (John) – Neozoic #5 (Red 5)

p 354 (Damian) – Kid Houdini & the Silver Dollar Misfits GN (Viper)

p 370 (Bob) – The Megas #4 (Viper)

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2 thoughts on “Previews Spotlight #006: 2008-04

  1. Thanks for the Kid Houdini mention, my friends. It is greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep tuning in.

    Best wishes,
    Dwight L. MacPherson
    Creator Kid Houdini and the Silver Dollar Misfits

  2. I’m really looking forward to the book, I’ve got one on order (and I have dibs on a copy of the FCBD preview too!)
    If Damian had not sent in a review of it, we would have talked about it ourselves. Kid Houdini looks like a really cool book!

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