Previews Spotlight #005: 2008-03

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the March 2008 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

Items mentioned:

p 037: (Bob) Usagi Yojimbo TPB Vol. 22

p 052: (John) Star Wars: Dark Times #11 – 1st part of Vector crossover in this series.

p 078: (Brent) Batman #677

p 089: (John) Blue Beetle #27

p 093: (Bob) Justice League of America #21

p 096: (John) Wonder Woman #20

p 099: (Bob) Superman and the Legion HC

p 114: (Bob) Astro City: The Dark Age Vol. 1 HC

p 118: (Damian) House of Mystery #1

p 124: (Damian) Hellblazer : Fear Machine TPB

p 151: (John) Wildguard: Insider #1

p 153: (Damian) Swamp Demon #1

p 154: (Bob) PVP 10th Ann Special

p 178: (Bob) Pilot Season: Lady Pendragon #1

p 179: (John) Pilot Season: Twilight Guardian #1

p 186: Marvel p 010: (John) Ultimate Fantastic Four #54

p 186: Marvel p 017: (John) Amazing Spider-Girl #20

p 186: Marvel p 057: (Bob) newuniversal: shockfront #1

p 186: Marvel p 108: (Bob) Marvel Essential Rampaging Hulk Vol. 1

p 214 (Sean Wang) Runners: The Big Snow Job #1

p 221 (Damian) Doktor Sleepless Manual #1

p 271 (Damian) Hack/Slash #12

p 289 (Bob) Life Sucks

p 298 (Bob/John) Star Trek: Assignment Earth #1

p 311 (Bob) Knights of the Dinner Table #139

p 313 (John) Pantheon TPB Vol. 1

p 329 (Bob/John) Hercules #1

p 331 (Bob/John) Caliber #1

p 336 (Sean Wang) Runners: Bad Goods TPB

p 382 (Damian) The Living Corpse #4

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1 thought on “Previews Spotlight #005: 2008-03

  1. Hi, guys. Thanks for mentioning Twilight Guardian. Hope you dig the book when it comes out. Just for clarification, the character appeared in two mini-comics I did back in the early 90s, and (much like my Holey Crullers/Common Grounds series) Top Cow asked to republish the work with new art (although this one-shot has been changed to a much greater degree than Common Grounds, where the scripts were pretty much used without change). It should be an interesting book, as it’s not really like anything else I’ve read (or written). I guess we’ll see. Again, thanks for the help in getting the word out there!

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