Comic Timing – Episode 58: Megacon Part 2

Part 2 is out! The last two days of the Megacon is covered here, featuring the talents of Raph, Brent, Brandon and myself, as we cover the last two days of the convention. What we picked up, who and what we saw, yaoi vs. yuri, and so on. Also, we have interviews with Travis Earls and Sean Cummings of Codename: Power, Lee Bretschneider of Wheelchair Romeo, Mark Waid, current editor in chief of Boom! Studios, Jon and Jin of Two Monocles, artist Christine Bottoms, Marvel cover artist Greg Horn, writer/inker Jimmy Palmiotti, and Bryan Deemer, Brian “Pants” Christman and Adam Murdough of Comic Geek Speak, with a glomping by Peter Rios.

We had an amazing time at the convention, and we hope to see you all next year at Megacon, and in a few weeks at New York Comic Con!

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Thanks for listening, thanks for downloading, and listen to our final bit of Megacon wrap on Geeks Unite! later this week.

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