CNI Episode 131

Reviews: Echo #1, Logan #1, Young Liars #1, Dead Space #1.

We discuss everything from cheating governors to haircuts to other podcast appearances! It’s been decided. Jimmy will have his hair cut at the New York Comic-Con and donating to Locks of Love! Donations will be accepted as both charity/benefit for the show. Contact us for further details on how to donate! Joe’s search for “Stubble of Love” proved fruitless though. Jimmy pimps another podcast appearance this Saturday on The Marathon Podcast hosted by The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack benefiting autism. He’ll be the 3:30am-5:30am slot covering The Top 10 Heroes/Villains in comic books and comic book movies. News includes Paul Pope, Paul Pope (Yes, it’s typed twice on purpose!), Zombies, Joe Q., Bone and more! Great global listener feedback and Top 3!

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