CNI Episode 128

Astro City The Dark Age Special #2: Beautie, Gutwrencher #1, Tiny Titans #1, X-Force Vol. 3 #1

Another Random Souffler, Devin Sanchez, joins us in studio for a “Converting to Comicdom” segment. Also, author Carrie Tucker (I Love Geeks), pipes in with a quick call for more nerd stories! Jimmy shares his stripper wedding story and rants about air kisses. News includes the return of Flash Gordon, Jason’s new NY Times strip, Star Trek delay, Spidey shops at Pottery Barn and Superman the Baller. Great listener feedback featuring a snippet of the classic GI JOE movie song. And, the Top 3 includes a bit of George Takei and he’s not just under the table. He’s in your ears!

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