Around Comics Ep. 174 – Old & Busted

On another ad-hoc episode, our heroes Tom, Skottie and Sal have no idea what they are going to talk about, yet somehow they do it for over an hour anyway, First up, we discuss Top of the Stack picks including Northlanders #3, Popgun Vol. 1, Josh Howard’s Sasquatch Anthology, and Skottie talks about Jumpers and Tunnels (big boy books). Meanwhile…we turn Brian Wood gay, Skottie announces his return to the Southern Hotness, we bitch about the horrible winter conditions in Chicago, we finally admit to the world that Skottie has been controlling us with his mind. We also read some emails that bring up various topics including british accents, Lost, Oz, New X-Men, Messiah Complex, Canadian Cuisine, One More Day fallout, we get confused by math, and a reappearance of the Wisconsin Werewolves.

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