Previews Spotlight #004: 2008-02

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the February 2008 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

Update (JohnMayo @ 2008-02-13 5pm CT): There were some audio glitches in the original version MP3 file. I think I’ve gotten them fixed so I’ve uploaded a new version of the MP3 file.

Update (JohnMayo @ 2008-02-16 1:25pm CT): Apparently the updated file also had problems. Just different problems in different places. I worked the MP3 file a few more times and this time I’m reasonably sure that the problems have been fixed.

The core problems is that the program I had been using for editing the episodes (Audacity) seems to have some major bugs in the “Truncate Silence” function. So, when I ran the function to condense the episode down after silencing the parts that needed to be removed (the “ums”, “ahs”, “youknows” and other dead space like that), the episode got folded, spindled and mutalated. In this particular case, the episode went from an original length of 1:49:53 down to the current length of 1:26:09 once the dead space was removed.

The bottom line is that I’ve uploaded a new and hopefully final version of the MP3 file.
If you downloaded the file prior to 1:25pm CT on 2008-02-16 then you might want to grab the latest version of the file…

And, yes, I am looking into different editing software to avoid having this problem in the future. (That’s right, you can expect all new problems in the future…)

Items mentioned:

p 029: (Damian) Kid Houdini

p 044: (Damian) Grendel: God & Devil

p 060: (Damian) Star Wars Legacy #23

p 075: (John) DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar #1

p 076: (John) Titans #1

p 080: (Bob) Batman #676 – Special DCBS discount

p 083: (Ian) Batman: Death Mask

p 090: (John) All-New Atom #22 – Special DCBS discount

p 093: (Bob) GL Corps #23 – Special DCBS discount

p 094: (Raph) JSA #15

p 141: (Lin) DC Direct figures

p 148: (John) Walking Dead #50 – Special DCBS discount

p 156: (Tiki) Aqua Leung v1

p 158: (Damian) Archibald Saves Easter

p 161: (Damian) Death Dealer HC

p 164: (Tiki) ’76 #4

p 188: (Bob) Witchblade Takeru Manga

p 191: Marvel p 019: (Ian) Annihilation Conquest #6

p 191: Marvel p 025: (John) Daredevil Blood of the Tarantula

p 191: Marvel p 033: (Bob) Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #1 – Special DCBS discount

p 191: Marvel p 044: (John) Mighty Avengers #12

p 191: Marvel p 055: (Bob) Thor: Ages of Thunder

p 191: Marvel p 058-66: (Bob/John) X-Books

p 191: Marvel p 101: (Bob/John) Kree/Skrull TPB – Special DCBS discount (Back Issues Spotlight #001)

p 216: (John) Bizarre New World Pop Explosion GN – Special DCBS discount

p 217: (Damian) Wendigo

p 244: (Damian) Last Blood TP

p 246: (John) Tiger & Crane #2 (Raph)

p 254: (Bob) JFH #3

p 263: (Bob) The Boys #17 – Special DCBS discount

p 266: (Chris) Dresden Files

p 292: (Martin) PS238 #32

p 296: (Tiki) Three Shadows

p 300: (Tiki) The Number

p 310: (Ian) Doctor Who #4

p 312: (Bob) Dominatrix TPB – Special DCBS discount

p 313: (John) Angel After The Fall #6 – Special DCBS discount

p 338: (Bob/John) Red 5 (Abyss #4 & Neozoic #4)

p 340: (John) Shanda the Panda #48

p 342: (Dave Dwonch) Gnome – DCBS w/sketch!

p 358: (Bob) X-O Manowar HC

p 448: (Lin) Heroes Action Figures

p 450: (Lin) Planet of Apes Figures

p 530: (John) PS238 RPG

p 549: (Bob) 52 Audio part 2

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  1. Just a head’s up to anyone who has downloaded this episode and is experiencing skips near the back of the episode: I just got off the phone with John, he knows the problem is there, and will try to have a fixed version up by the end of the weekend. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy up until about the hour mark, where all is nice and rosy.

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