Around Comics Ep. 173 – Spillover

On this spillover episode Sal cuts together some clips from previous recording sessions. First up, the crew gets hungry as Sal invents the next great redneck snack food, Skottie introduces us to Cowboy Cool-Beans, we discuss Chicago’s utter lack of good seafood, we insult Canada…again, especially the pizza, Chris grosses us out with his favorite sandwich and other culinary delights. Later, Skottie spews forth his hatred of comic book trailers, we watch the Doomsday trailer and try and determine if it’s supposed to be a joke, Tom gets even more disappointed with the History Channel, we talk about Cloverfield, we talk about Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse and other celebrities, and finish up with Chris’ Direct TV nightmare.

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1 thought on “Around Comics Ep. 173 – Spillover

  1. Greetings from Toronto, eh?

    Don’t worry about cheesing off Canadians, guys… even WE know Boston Pizza is crap. Well, those of us who have eaten in one, anyway.

    Refried beans rock with a bit of maple syrup, though! Dude, try it, trust it, I KNOW what I’m talkin’ about!

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