Variant Edition: 69

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We shot this waaay back in November. It’s been in the over for awhile and it’s finally ready!

Reviews include: Special Forces #1, DC’s Infinite Halloween Special, Crawlspace XXXombies #1, Daredevil Annual #1, Batman #670. The Order #4, Annihilation Conquest #1, WWH Gamma Corps #1, Fear Agent The Last Goodbye #4 and Luis with some Bullet Point reviews of Iron Fist, Silver Surfer, JSA and Omega the Unknown.
And just to mix it up Luis checks out Sideshow’s Elektra “Assassin Resurrected” Premium Format Figure and Eddie compares DC Direct’s Batman and Son toyline to the comics that inspired them.
Plus Nick and Eddie discuss why The Walking Dead #43 is the best issue of the series to date.

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